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Heal Your Metabolism

This book is a guide to finding foods that boost your metabolism, and learn about the disrupters that slow it down, along with tips and strategies on maintaining a lifestyle to speed up weight loss. From eating out to healthy swaps, this book will make you believe that becoming healthy is easy. As a certified nutritionist and life coach, Kerry Geonie will help you learn not only how to make good choices and manage stress but also to live a peaceful and joy-filled life.

The Author

Kerry Geonie is a nutritionist, life coach, and author born in Long Island, New York. Initially pursuing a career in law as a paralegal due to her passion for it, she transitioned away from the legal field after getting married and having five children. During this time, she also co-owned a business with her husband. As her family grew, Kerry’s interest in holistic health, psychology, and aging well deepened. This passion motivated her to return to school to study Gerontology and pursue additional studies in holistic nutrition, herbs, and stress management.

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