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Why Read It?

Caring for a loved one who is suffering from brain tumors is not an easy feat and not something that everyone can handle. Caring for a loved one in such a condition requires a lot of effort, physically, mentally, and emotionally, and often the caretakers feel as if they are alone and have no support. This book will give you the support you need if you have ever or are currently caring for a loved one suffering from a brain tumor or some other terminal illness. You are not alone, even if it feels like that sometimes. As you read my personal experiences with the many goliath storms that came my way through this journey, I pray that they will help you overcome yours and help you in putting your complete faith in God. Rest assured that He knows all the hardships that you have faced and how much time it took you to gather all the shattered pieces of your heart. He knows the strength it took you to pick up all those pieces, place them together, and build a new path for yourself to walk on.